Why Lady Gaga’s performance last night was HUGE

Why Lady Gaga’s performance last night was HUGE

The Oscar’s have become a political platform. As Chris Rock’s opening monologue aimed to tackle the issue of diversity among Academy Award nominees, Lady Gaga’s performance aimed to show the faces of abuse victims across college campuses. An issue that slowly lost steam after the release of The Hunting Ground. While the film has been under heavy scrutiny for the use of inaccurate and outdated data to support their claims. We still see new cases springing up all over college campuses where abuse victims feel forced to lie or diminish their abuse. Just this week the University of Tennessee found themselves in the center of a sexual assault case. This only adds to the list of dozens of schools who have met similar fates by creating a hostile environment for the victims to live in, ensuring the victims leave the school permanently.

Gaga’s performance performance not only shed a light, but sent a strong, and powerful message. YOU DON’T KNOW. YOU DON’T KNOW. “You don’t know anything about how I feel ’til it happens to you.” A simple phrase with a forceful statement.

I am optimistic when I see female character driven stories on a large scale platform. Brie Larson winning best actress for Room, and Sharmeen Obid Chinoy winning for best short documentary for her film Honor Killing. I’d say it was a victory for feminist everywhere!

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