Our Top 6 Super Bowl 2016 Ads

Our Top 6 Super Bowl 2016 Ads

The Super Bowl almost feels like Christmas to those of us in production. It’s the biggest stage for witty and compelling commercial work. Each year, we always find commercials that we wish would have have filmed and this year wasn’t any different! 🙂

Below are our top 6 Super bowl ads!

1. Heinz Ketchup “Wiener Stampede”

You can’t go wrong with 50 puppies in your ad! This commercial was an adorable show of love between condiments and four legged friends! And to take the adorable meter up even more, they added a toddler wearing a packet of ketchup! Swoon!

VIDEO: http://youtu.be/aNN9nL2vppM


2. T-Mobile “Restricted Bling”

We loved T-Mobile’s play on Drake’s uberly successful “Hotline Bling” music video. All brands have to make product plugs in commercials but we really appreciated the sarcasm that came along with their blatant product mentions.

Well played T-Mobile. Well played.

Video: https://youtu.be/iMWzX0RC7f4


3. Toyota Prius “The Longest Chase”

We found ourselves rooting for the bad guys in this action packed spot! Go Prius go!

Video: http://youtu.be/MYeM-8hO3hM


4. Hyundai “First Date”

Not only did we enjoy Kevin Hart’s performance, but we also learned that the Prius has a pretty impressive car finder function.  Perfect!

Video: http://youtu.be/-R_483zeVF8

5. Snickers “Marilyn”

The usual “You’re not yourself when your hungry” Snickers commercials are already on our list of all-time favorite commercials so this new “Marilyn” spot was an easy in!

Video: http://youtu.be/WhfntLl6xx0


6. Hyundai “The Chase”

Hyundai did an amazing job this year with creating memorable ads that really get the products main message across clearly. This commercial started out pretty scary and ended hilariously. Kudos to their creative team!

Video: http://youtu.be/LT6n1HcJOio

This wraps up our list for this year! Let us know your favorites that didn’t make the list!

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