Oscars Moonlight mixup

Oscars Moonlight mixup

I feel asleep on the Oscars. Whew! Ok I got that off of my chest. So naturally this morning, I’m catching up on all of the best moments so I can have say during our office, water cooler conversations. And unbeknownst to me, one of the biggest fails in the history of live awards shows happened during the 2017 Academy Awards. This was like Steve Harvey 2.0! During the biggest night in Hollywood, and the biggest award announcement, Faye Dunaway announced the wrong winner for best picture. *clutches pearls* Dunaway announced “La La Land” as the winner when “Moonlight” was actually the Best Picture winner. The most awkward part was that the cast of “La La Land” was on stage giving joyful hugs and acceptance speeches when they were interrupted by a stage manager who told them to “simmer down because you actually didn’t win.” I’m sure he didn’t really say that but it made me giggle. 

Here’s a clip from what will surely be talked about for the next few weeks.

Watch the full clip here: Oscar mixup

Xoxo Maya

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