BTS: Migos ft. 2 Chainz “Deadz” music video

BTS: Migos ft. 2 Chainz “Deadz” music video

This shoot was so fun to produce, not only because we prepped it in 2 days (insert stress ball) but also because we had a chance to really bring this video to “life”! As a creative and a producer, I try hard to tell directors “yes” or “let me see if we can work it out” when they tell me their over the top ideas because those ideas are what bring the magic to our sets. To me, saying “no” immediately just seems a lack of optimism. So when director Daps wanted to have presidential wax figures in caskets I said, “let me see if we can work it out.” After a bit of research via our art director, Alfred Khalil, we came to the conclusion that wax figures would cost more than our budget allowed and would take weeks to receive. At that point, we decided to cast actors who resembled Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Abe Lincoln and bring on a visual effects makeup artist to age the actors a bit, and boy were we excited to see the results!



Check the full video out here: Migos ft. 2 Chainz “Deadz” music video

xoxo Maya




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  • John Kelly
    February 26, 2017 7:05 pm

    Congratulations Maya, the funeral interiors are really excellent. I’m happy to see it all cut together, I hope our video gives Migos a big push.
    Thanks for including Motor Eyes.
    -John K

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